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It is an excellent and affordable tool for helping you get and stay organized
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The Paper-Docs Document Organizing System is an excellent and affordable tool for helping you get organized and stay organized. This software system offers many features that make this normally stressful task so amazingly simple, with no scanning required.

Paper-Docs is specifically designed to help you organize all of your important hardcopy documents such as bank statements, credit card statements, family records, passports, insurance documents, contracts, property deeds, receipts, income tax records, etc. Use this amazingly simple software application to create color-coded labels that include a numeric order code for easy filing. These labels can be attached to folders, binders, boxes, and more. The information is all stored in the Paper-Docs application on your computer, allowing you to do the following:
Keep an inventory of all of your hardcopy documents and records.
Find any document within seconds by generating a Keyword Search.
Create and print color/numeric-coded folder labels.
When printing, skip already used labels of label sheets.
Print on normal paper in the absence of label sheets.
Print out document items list for quick reference.
Avoid double filing or misfiling.
Efficiently determine when to archive or destroy expired documents.
Increase efficiency and productivity through better organization.
Feel much better about yourself and your work!!

The Paper-Docs system is especially designed for busy people who can benefit from the improved efficiency, more time on their hands, and a cleaner, less cluttered environment.

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